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How does 3 Elements contribute to helping Ex-Defence personnel?

3Elements Coffee assists veterans in a number of ways. Our financial contributions go to partner organisations who are focused on identifying employment opportunities, delivering targeted training and creating sustainable careers. Our professional contributions include hiring veterans directly either by helping them to establish their own coffee business or by simply becoming a part of the 3Elements Coffee Roasting (NSW) or Sales team, leading regional wholesale distribution across Australia.

Is 3Elements Coffee a Not-For-Profit?

We lead by example and believe that the best way to enable veterans to transition into the commercial environment is by working in a commercial business. We’re proud to be a for-profit enterprise that is owned and operated by veterans but also supports veteran-focused charities and social enterprises by donating a percentage of our profits and promoting initiatives wherever possible.

How much money goes to training Ex-Defence personnel?

$5 from every kilogram of coffee sold goes directly to Ex-Defence personnel transition training and/or find gainful employment.

Can I get details on how much money has been contributed to helping Ex-Defence People?

Absolutely, the money is transparently contributed to our partner organisations; all other funds go to running the costs of growing the business and creating more funding opportunities. A chartered accountant audits our accounts annually.

How & Where is the coffee produced?

Our coffee is produced in our New South Wales automated HACCP accredited roasting facility by a professional Master Roaster who has more than 30 years experience in Australia and Italy. These premium coffee blends from around the world have all been masterfully blended and slow roasted to our exacting standards to achieve the ultimate smooth flavours.

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